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Cousins Ahoy! 
A party for John Eliot Howard's Bicentenary
Kew Gardens - September 15th 2007

A gathering of Cousins was organised by Bridget Drummond and Mado Phillips, with help from many other family. The prime reason for the event (apart from having a good Cousins' Party!) was to commemorate the life and work of John Eliot Howard who was born on 11th December 1807.  Around two thirds of the 160 or so attending came from "Budget" families descended from John Eliot, the remainder were descendants of his brother Robert Howard.

A letter from Mark Nesbitt.


Members of the family have made available photographs of the event, and details of how to access these will be provided on request to

If you wish to see the charts of those attending, and their descent from Robert & John Eliot Howard,
you may download them as a PDF file from here.


Mado Phillips & Bridget Drummond - In charge!


Philip Howard and Dr. Mark Nesbitt gave the talks 

Philip Howard talked about John Eliot Howard's life and family connections.
Download a copy of his talk notes


Dr Nesbitt talked about Cinchona bark, and the part John Eliot Howard played in understanding its role in curing malaria.
Download a copy of his talk notes. 

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